Property Management

Committed to excellence

UPM manages properties throughout the North West, the West Midlands and London for investors all over the world.

With the help of our professional team United Property Management manages up to 10,000 bed spaces in over four regions, this includes; the North West, Yorkshire and Humberside, the West Midlands and London.

United Property Management work closely with Manchester City Council in order to provide them with properties for their homeless scheme, with our management for central governments and local authorities extending to providing welfare to an array of tenants. With a nationwide infrastructure, United Property Management pride ourselves as having the ability to provide management for all types of properties, with our services and strategy to ensure that we take away the stress of property management.

Our block management concept, which has successfully been implemented in the UK and Europe has shown great success, whilst taking all the burdens away from the freeholder and offering comfort to the tenant/new owner. United Property Management would ensure communal areas, gardens, exterior of the property are always maintained and kept to an acceptable standard, which will keep the value of the property and increase the demand for the property in the market.


Rent collection (including drafting up of rental agreements)

Undertaking of general inspection visits

Provide advice to landlords regarding legislation

Arranging for repairs and general preventative maintenance, carried out by specially selected fully qualified contractors

Notifying utility providers of change of tenancy, to prevent you from being liable for bills

Take legal action on the advice of the landlord

Checking of inventories and reparation calculations at the end of a tenancy

Professionally clean properties at the end of a tenancy/prior to the beginning of a new one

Arrange for landlord’s gas safety and electrical checks to be performed as per legal requirement

24/7 Emergency call outs

Whether you have a residential property, HMO or require block management United Property Management are here to meet your management needs.

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